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Tube Fitting Safety & Tube Bending. Space limited.

Education & Training Information

fluid system technologyImprove safety, increase productivity, and keep abreast of the latest fluid system technologies with our comprehensive customer training and education programs.


Here's a partial list of the training we can provide. Please select option #7 ("Other") to learn about additional options:

1. Swagelok® Tube Fitting Safety Seminar

Arm your crew with the knowledge they need to prevent most leakage.

Tube fittings and their usage are seldom given much thought until there is a failure in the system. For most customers a failure is normally defined as a leak. The consequences of a leak can range from a minor inconvenience to a significant event requiring immediate attention and repair. History has demonstrated that by employing the techniques provided in the Tube Fitting Safety Seminar most of this leakage can be prevented. To learn more, complete the short form on this page.

2. VCR® Metal Gasket Face Seal Fitting Installation

Ensure team members can optimize the performance of the VCR fitting.

Over the last twenty years the Swagelok VCR Metal Gasket Face Seal Fitting has remained the preferred fitting in the semiconductor industry for high-purity gas delivery systems. The applications and the fluids contained by VCR fittings are some of the most demanding in industry. The fitting must maintain a leak tight seal on the most highly toxic, corrosive and flammable fluids ever developed by man. The fitting must maintain system integrity and purity under a wide range of operating conditions. It must perform reliably in situations where it is reassembled numerous times. Understanding how to optimize the performance of the VCR fitting is the goal of this class. To learn more, fill the form on this page.

3. Tube Bending Training

Enhance your technicians' skill in tube bending.

Tube bending, for the most part, is a skill that is normally passed from a craftsman to his apprentice. It is not a skill that is taught in schools or published in textbooks.  As a supplier of high quality tube benders and tube preparation tools, we offer this class to provide a training resource that demystifies one aspect of fluid system fabrication. Good tube fabrication techniques can improve system performance. Good layout and execution can enhance the aesthetics of a system and reflect on the quality of the product. Knowledgeable, skilled technicians help increase productivity and reduce waste and scrap. Request more information using the form at right.

4. Introduction to Gas System Components

Familiarize team members with the common components found in semiconductor process gas systems.

In response to requests from our customers we have prepared a formal training program for the benefit of end users and installers of our products. The course provides an introduction to the gas system components commonly utilized in a semiconductor manufacturing facility as well as within the typical semiconductor process tools. The eight-hour course provides hands-on familiarization and functional knowledge of the common components found in semiconductor process gas systems. Fill the form at right to request more information.

5. Valve Selection Training

Ensure team members can quickly select the right valve for each job.

The safe selection of the right valve for an application may appear to be a complex task. In reality it can be broken down into a simple, step-by-step decision making process that can be mastered by anyone attending this class. The objective of the class is to eliminate the guess-work in valve selection; thereby minimizing ordering errors, reducing the potential for the misapplication of valves, and avoiding the costs associated with a valve failure. To learn more, fill the form at right and submit.

6. Valve Installation and Maintenance

Ensure your crew understands a valve’s limitations, including when a valve can (and cannot) be repaired.

The dynamics of a valve opening and closing, repeated through numerous cycles, will cause even the best-engineered and most precisely manufactured valve to wear with the passage of time. Armed with a better understanding of a valve’s limitations and the knowledge of what can and cannot be repaired, valve service life can be extended dramatically. High quality valves are designed to perform trouble free and provide a long cycle life, but poor installation and maintenance procedures can lead to premature valve failures and reduce the mean time before failure. Get more information by submitting the form at right.

7. Other training through Swagelok University

Go beyond instructor-led classes.

If your training requirements go beyond instructor led classes you may be interested in attending Swagelok's on-line university. Swagelok University offers more than 100 interactive, online courses. Topics include general technical, scientific fundamentals, plant science, industry-specific content and product information. Online testing and tracking can monitor your progress. Request the Swagelok University Online Course Catalog using the form at right.

Swagelok Northern California Education & Training Information

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