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Swagelok Northern California Events

Upcoming events

We're planning our next event. We'll update this page as soon as it's on the calendar. To get notified, please sign up at right. Meantime you might be interested in:

Fremont Sunnyvale Swagelok


Fremont Sunnyvale Swagelok


fremont sunnyvale swagelok


Past events

  • NCCAVS 35th Annual Equipment Exhibition
    February 20, 2014
    Holiday Inn San Jose Airport
    1350 N. First Street
    San Jose, California
    Extended Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Details »
  • 08.22.2013 Webinar: Back Pressure Regulators Made Simple. A technical briefing on back pressure regulators by Swagelok Field Engineer Eric Kayla. More »
  • 07.09.2013 - 07.11.2013 SEMICON West 2013 in Silicon Valley. More »
  • 06.17.2013 - 06.21.2013 Swagelok Process Analyzer Sampling System Training. Essential training for those building or maintaining process analyzer sampling systems. More »
  • 05.06.2013 - 05.09.2013 Western Gas Measurement Short Course in Reno. Product trainers Mike Valentine and Jason Burns conduct our Swagelok Tube Bending and Tube Fitting Installation training. More »
  • 04.04.2013 Webinar: 5 Steps to Selecting the Right Hose for Your Fluid System. Patrick Werrlein, who managed the Swagelok hose product line and, before that, led Coreflex, provides a technical briefing. More »
  • 03.13.2013-03.14.2013 Central Valley Facilities Expo in Modesto. More »
  • 02.21.2013 2013 NCAAVS 34th Annual Equipment Exhibition in San Jose. More »
  • 02.05.2013-02.06.2013 Food Processing Expo 2013 at the Sacramento Convention Center. More »
  • 01.17.2013 Webinar: How to Properly Select and Size a Pressure Reducing Regulator. Back by popular demand, Swagelok field engineer Eric Kayla shows how to use a flow curve to size a pressure reducing regulator and how to size a pressure reducing regulator for different types of media. Slide deck »
  • 10.25.2012 Webinar: The Theory and Operation of Pressure Reducing Regulators. Learn what Swagelok regulators do and how they do it from Eric Kayla, a field engineer with special expertise in regulators. Related articles »
  • 07.19.2012 Webinar & Open House: 5 Pre-Engineered Subsystems in Benicia. Industrial process analyzer expert Tony Waters briefs invitees on the use of standardized subsystems for capturing, conditioning, and transporting process samples to analyzer systems. Slide deck »

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