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It's Harvest Time At Swagelok Northern California!


We've transformed a small portion of our office park into a working farm

SNC Garden
Next time you are in Fremont, feel free to stop to smell the vegetables at our commmunity garden » 

As you sit down for another meal at your kitchen table or your favorite restaurant, take a moment to be thankful for the resources you are blessed with to put food on your table and for the folks who grew the food and prepared it.  One way to give tangible thanks this Thanksgiving is supporting your local food drive. Consider donating to Second Harvest Food Bank or participating in this year's Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot. 

As much as we enjoy the abundance of food we enjoy in this country, we don't always reflect on where it comes from. For the associates of Swagelok Northern California, some food comes right from our own headquarter's property. We've teamed up with Farmscape, the largest urban farming venture in California, to create our own community garden.

"I give all the credit to my wife," says Rod Fallow, president of Swagelok Northern California. Rebecca Fallow first came up with the idea of using the flat roof of the building as a place to grow food. It turned out that would require expensive modifications, so she turned her attention to the lawn in front of the building.

Rod agreed it would be a good fit with the company's longtime focus on wellness, but he also wanted the project to go long-term.

"What I didn't want is that everybody would get excited about planting it, but then not maintain it," he says. Rebecca started researching their options, and found Farmscape.

Farmscape started in 2008 in Southern California with the goal of helping people create their own food supply. The Fallows asked Farmscape to see what they could do with the industrial park that Swagelok Northern California calls home. We provide the space, and Farmscape takes care of the whole food cycle from planting to harvest.

Easy to share

The project started in May of 2014 with about 1,000 square feet of growing space in seven raised beds. Our primary urban farmer is Lara Hermanson, a principal at Farmscape. She and Nicole Doonan of Farmscape chose a range of crops that would be high-yield and easy to share. That meant things like cherry tomatoes, eggplant, cooking greens and herbs for the summer. In the winter, we've got a lot of lettuce and snap peas coming along.

"What's special about the Swagelok garden is that we also planted a lot of fruit trees and perennials," Hermanson says. The trees are mature dwarfs with trunks of about four or five inches in diameter. It takes a little while for a tree to recover from being transplanted, Hermanson says, but after a few months it gets in sync with the seasons and starts growing again. She already has harvested some pineapple guavas, and expects all the trees to be in production within 12 to 18 months.

Another aspect of the garden that really pleased Hermanson is that the food is simply given to Swagelok associates rather than sold to a restaurant or store. This past summer we were able to fill tables with about 30 pounds of produce each week. As soon as our staff sees the Farmscape crew bringing it inside, they start lining up.

"Also we encourage people to harvest on their own," Hermanson says. All the crops are labeled out in the "field."

Changing environment

While we're pretty busy every day with valves, fittings and other components for fluid systems, there has been enough time for our people to get to know our urban farmers, and even discuss challenges of home gardening.

"I think it is one of the coolest gardens that we have ever done," Hermanson says. "There was not much of an ecosystem there when we got there. Since we put that garden in, hummingbirds and all sorts of birds have returned to the site." Bees are back, and we've even seen a pesky woodchuck out there.

The garden has had an impact on nearby humans as well. Mentor Graphics, one of our neighbors, was so impressed that they've asked Farmscape to install a garden for them too.


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Where Swagelok Northern California's Values Originate - Why They Matter


We didn't just buy some motivational posters; we defined our values as a group

Swagelok Values
Learn more about The Value of our Values and see our Value posters here »

When podcaster Dirk Beveridge walked into the offices of Swagelok Northern California, he instantly noticed something different.

"You go into most organizations, and if there are portraits of individuals on the walls, more often than not, these pictures are of the founder of the company," Beveridge said. "Not at Swagelok Northern California. What you will find as you roam the halls of this industrial distributor, are six photos, of six different employees or teams of employees, each who have been voted by their peers as best representing one of the six values of the company."

Rod Fallow, our president, sat down recently with Beveridge to talk about those posters and the company culture behind them.

Getting in focus

Each workplace has a set of values whether they are explicitly defined or not, Fallow said, so Swagelok Northern California made an effort to get everyone involved in creating some definitions. The core of the effort was a series of roundtable discussions, off site and after hours, imagining that each person had just come back from a three-year sabbatical and discovered that Swagelok Northern California had just been named the best company in Northern California. What would have had to happen to make that possible?

People sat around tables in small groups, and made notes on how to answer that question. One person would stay at the table while the rest of the group would move on to the next table. The person who stayed would tell the new arrivals what the previous group had come up with, and then they worked on expanding the ideas. Each group had a mix of functions within the company.

"For the first time, somebody from accounting was listening to someone in the warehouse about what was important and what had to change," Fallow said.

Evaluating values

That wasn't the end of the discussion, however. Next came a discussion of the values people had personally. Then came a discussion of what they thought our company values already were. Then came a third discussion of what our company values ought to be.

In the end, the discussion produced unique definitions for six values: 

1. Customer Focus: Knowing what creates customer value and providing it
2. Integrity: Doing the right thing, no excuses, no exceptions
3. Dependability: Providing unsurpassed quality and service
4. Respect: Gaining it by giving it
5. Achievement: Aiming higher, driving harder, executing flawlessly
6. Teamwork: Valuing all, working as one

Lastly, everyone voted on who they thought embodied each value. Photos of the top vote-getters were put onto the posters that Beveridge saw.
See the posters and download the Value of our Values PDF here »

"The interesting thing to me was people were deeply engaged in the process. This was not six words on a board," Fallow said. "We didn't just pay $9.99 for a poster and put it up on the wall."

Putting values to work

Teamwork, dependability, and achievement remain high values in our company culture, however, we have recently updated our values to reflect our continuously improving and innovating associates and our total commitment to delivering quality products and services. 

1. Quality 
2. Integrity
3. Respect
4. Customer Focus 
5. Continuous improvement 
6. Innovation

Swagelok Northern California puts those six values to work when we hire.

"I don't think we are capable of converting somebody's values," Fallow said. So we look for people who already have the values we stand for. We discover that through a rigorous interview process that includes phone as well as group interviews, plus interviews with senior executives and, when we've narrowed the choices to the top two or three, an interview with Rod.

We also use a psychological test that becomes part of the continuous improvement process. We go back and see how our top performers did on their tests, and we try to look for more people like that.

Fallow had a lot more to say about the need for continuous improvement and how that has changed Swagelok Northern California in recent years.
You can listen to the full, 34-minute interview here.


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So What’s in the Back? A Look Inside Swagelok's “Private Reserve”


A look at some lesser known components that can really make a difference

Swagelok Private Reserve
Contact us if you have a unique application that may benefit from a unique Swagelok solution here »

When our customers need extra help, we listen. Sometimes that means coming up with a solution that isn't in the Swagelok catalog or isn't easy to find in it. Once we've created it, there's no reason that the rest of our customers can't take advantage of it.

Reduce install errors with color coding

For instance, one of our customers was having a problem identifying the gaskets for our VCR fittings. There was nothing wrong with the performance, but some of the installers were having difficulty with the appearance. VCR gaskets come in stainless steel, nickel, brass and copper. The trouble was that a nickel gasket looks a lot like a stainless steel gasket.

VCR Gaskets

Even though we package them differently -- black printing on the plastic bag for stainless steel and blue printing for nickel, our customer needed something extra to differentiate the two products even when they were out of the bag.

We came up with a way to treat the stainless steel gasket’s retainer so it would have a magenta color. So now you can purchase the stainless steel gasket with a magenta colored retainer and nickel gaskets with standard retainers, and never get your gasket materials mixed up.

It is currently available in ¼ inch with a stainless steel unplated gasket, which is by far the most common size and type of gasket customers use – the part number is SS-4-VCR-2-MR-VS.  

If you look closely at the photo above, you will notice another advantage of the VCR gasket retainer assembly, when you compare its orifice sizes with the nonretained gaskets. We are able to have a larger ID in the gasket retainer assembly since the component is self-aligning. This feature provides the fitting with a lower turbulence design reducing the pressure drop through the fitting.  

Save space with a built-in filter

It's also possible to get a snubber gasket for the VCR fitting – that is, a gasket with a sintered metal filter in it. There's a sentence or two about it in the catalog, but it's easy to miss. If you have low flow and no space and need a filter in the line, you can install the snubber gasket in any VCR joint in place of a standard gasket instead of installing a separate filter. That saves time and reduces the need for about an inch and a half long filter. Multiply that by the number of filters you need, and it adds up to a big savings in space and cost. We have them available in ¼ inch to 1 inch VCR gaskets, with element sizes from 0.5 microns to 60 microns. Part numbers for the snubber gaskets are the same as standard gaskets with the micron size of the filter element added to the end, i.e. SS-4-VCR-2-.5M

Speed up install time with extended length port connectors

The idea started with the Swagelok port connector, used to closely couple components. We and some of our fellow Swagelok sales and service centers said it would be nice in longer lengths so that you could space your fluid system components, so we created it.

3 Inch Port Connectors min

We stock them in three-inch lengths, because they fit perfectly through a cushion support clamp. This allows you to significantly speed up your installation time because you don't have to cut a lot of tubing to the right length. Here are the part numbers for the extended length port connectors: SS-401-PC-0022 (1/4" PC x 3.00”OAL), SS-601-PC-0014 (3/8" PC x 3.00”OAL), SS-811-PC-0012 (1/2" PC x 3.00”OAL).

Cut back on the pipe thread bushings with special sizes

Frustrated that the 1” tube fitting stops at 1” male NPT? Good news, it doesn’t. With extra time we can match our tube fittings to far more combinations of male pipe size than is shown in the catalog. When your designing your fluid system consider giving us a call before you design in that NPT hex bushing.

Male Connectors

Give us a call

The key take away is that your Swagelok account manager has some deep knowledge of what's available to solve your challenge. If you have a need for something that’s not in the catalog, we may already have encountered it before. If your challenge is brand new, and you know you'll have to deal with it over and over again, we may be able to work on a custom fitting for you. Then you'll have a spot on the shelf of our "private reserve." Contact Us » 

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Swagelok Listens, Our Customers Are Served Even Better


Swagelok Company president Art Anton talks about ways we can ease your burdens

Services - Swagelok Northern California
Learn more about the services we have developed to ease your burdens here »

"Listening is probably the most important sense we can have as a business organization," says Art Anton, president & CEO of Swagelok Company, in a new video. It is part of a series produced by Swagelok Company featuring Swagelok executives speaking on topics ranging from quality, customer service, predictive maintenance, and more.

Swagelok has worked closely with its global network of sales and service centers and surveyed customers worldwide to create what Anton calls "a nice roadmap for improvement." One of the things Swagelok learned is that customers want us to be more than just a product provider.

"We're really trying to take the burden off our customers, put it on ourselves, and continue to increase the value quotient," Anton says.

That's why Swagelok Northern California has introduced several new services in recent years. Anton covers a lot of subjects in a little more than a minute, so he doesn't have time to go into any details. But we have time on our blog, so here are extra details on some of the things he talks about:

Energy surveys

Swagelok Energy Advisors can check out your steam system to see how it might perform better. We have our own local expert in Casey Rivera, and can tap into a network of other SEA engineers across the United States and Canada. Swagelok Energy Advisors won’t just tell you that you need to redesign a portion of your system or to replace a component in a particular spot, they’ll explain why. Swagelok Energy Advisors provide the greatest value when they can be in on the ground floor, helping customers design systems properly right from the start.

Custom Solutions

Our Custom Solutions department does a lot more than assemble parts. Their expertise is in creating assemblies that get the most done in the space available. Sometimes all the customer needs is someone to install adapters on a valve or bend a single piece of tubing. But our team also takes on projects as involved as putting together entire sampling systems with complex configurations of custom bent tubing. Along with our human expertise, we have a full array of tools to do the job right.

Vendor managed inventory and procurement

Wouldn't it be great if your inventory could manage itself? We provide the next best thing, making sure you don't run out of the parts you need. We have several supply chain management solutions, and our RoboCrib vending system.


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How We Strive To Be Our Customer's Favorite Story


Rod Fallow talks about the way our company vision plays out from day to day

Swagelok Northern California Quicklook
Learn more about Swagelok Northern California through our interactive Quick Look here »

Here's a rare opportunity to hear Rod Fallow, president of Swagelok Northern California, talk at length about our vision, and what it means to you. He recently sat down with "Innovate for the Future" podcaster Dirk Beveridge in the first of a planned five-part series about how our company works.

As Beveridge points out, a lot of companies feel pressure to knock out a vision statement quickly. For Swagelok Northern California, it took a few years to distill our mission into a simple concept: Be our customer's favorite story.

"That was probably the toughest part of our strategic planning," Fallow says. "Getting to that vision statement is really critical. I'm not beside somebody every day while they are making decisions. I want something in their heads to guide them as they are making decisions for the organization."

Vision in action

Be our customer's favorite story


Say, for example, that someone in the warehouse has to make a decision that's not covered by a work instruction. We want that person to figure out what they can do to make the customer say, "You guys are unbelievable." It might be as basic as shipping the right product, well packaged, on time, and doing it over and over a thousand times. But usually, it's something more.

"There isn't a single expenditure they can make in an effort to help a customer that will cause a financial problem for the company. So make it," Fallow says. Of course, we might put our heads together the next day to discuss a cheaper way to get it done in the future, but nobody will get in trouble for the initial decision.

"For me it's very exciting," Fallow says. "At every one of our associates meetings, I'll have 15 to 20 thank you e-mails and letters from customers, thanking someone in the organization for the outstanding work that they did. I think the vision is a big part of the reason why."


Attract, engage, amaze

Attract, engage, amaze

That doesn't mean we don't pay attention to the bottom line at Swagelok Northern California. Everybody in the company does something that has an impact on revenue, inventory levels, accounts receivable and the like. But a vision has to be broader than merely hitting a financial goal. The world changes fast, Fallow says. If our goal is to be the customers’ favorite story, the customer will give us permission to adapt to the changes.

Everything at Swagelok Northern California can be boiled down to three actions: attract, engage, amaze. That is, we have to bring the customers in or make it easy for them to find us, perform well on delivering high-quality components and services and instant expert support, and do something outstanding for them.

Often, the best opportunity to amaze someone is when things don't quite work right. We might ship a part by ground service and then realize that the customer needs that part the next day. Nobody has to ask a supervisor whether it's OK to ship out a new part with next-day delivery or find a way to get the part to them the same day.

"The greater gap we can create between their expectations and what we do, that's the 'amaze' part," Fallow says. "We've had people drive three hours into the Central Valley to get a part to somebody that night."

You can listen to the full 44-minute podcast here, and you'll also learn about some of the new technology that Swagelok Northern California has brought in to serve our customers better. We've been doing some interesting things with our 3D printer, and we even use robots. Check our blog often for the rest of the series as Fallow talks about our culture, our value proposition, our business model, and transformative leadership.

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Swagelok Quick Turn Regulator Assembly Program Delivers Just In Time


Customer's system is down and our pressure regulator assembly program quickly gets it back on line

Swagelok Regulator Assemblies
Learn more about our quick turn regulator assemblies and get the catalog here »

We recently received a phone call from a customer in desperate need of a pressure regulator. His system was down as a result of a pressure regulator that was not working anymore, so he needed a replacement right away. His initial pressure and flow requirements looked like a factory quote for a pressure regulator that was not in stock was required, which would mean a lead time beyond the day or two that he could wait for a solution. Our customer service person reviewed his system's pressure regulator needs and compared it to the pressure regulators included in our quick turn regulator assembly program. In consultation with Neil Ide, our custom solutions product manager, the customer was able to determine that the flow curves for one of our quick turn regulators were a good enough match with the his system parameters. As a result, we were able to deliver the regulator in 24 hours, and the customer's system was back up and running the next day. 

Program background

Swagelok regulators come in a wide variety of configurations. That's fantastic when you need a very specific configuration to fit a very specific need. But what if some of the specifics don't matter all that much? What if you just need a general purpose regulator and you need it fast?

Neil Ide recently considered that challenge. The more he got to thinking about it, the more Ide realized that not every customer needs a highly individual combination of features. It seemed logical that perhaps most people are looking for a small range of parameters.

Ide had a team dig through Swagelok Northern California's business management software and pull up five years of data on customer requests for quotes on our K Series regulators. He built an algorithm to decode the 16-digit part number that indicates the specific configuration of each regulator, and sorted out the parameters that most people were looking for.

"From there I took that data and used a histogram analysis to count the number of times that each parameter popped up," Ide says. "What came out was a very distinctive pattern that showed most people want around six different variations for what they are trying to do with pressure regulators."

Armed with that knowledge, we put regulator inventory on the shelves that would allow us to rapidly deliver that small cluster of popular features.

But wait, there's more

Had we stopped there, we would have made a lot of progress in better serving our customers. Corey Gould, Customer Support Representative, put his budding software design skills to work on turning Ide’s standardized regulator configurations into an easy to use computer program that Swagelok Northern California customer support personnel could use to quickly configure and quote a regulator assembly.

By combining Ide's regulator configurations with Gould's newly created Regulator Configurator, we can now offer 24-hour turnaround on regulators that would fit about 80 percent of the requests we have had in the past five years. The beautiful part is that we haven't lost any of the variety that Swagelok offers. If you do not need the pressure regulator immediately, you can still order the exact configuration you need, 

It's easy to take advantage of both the simplicity and the wide range of possibilities. Just click here to download our product literature for our quick turn regulator assemblies, and you can download the catalogs on all of our pressure regulators here.


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Top Ten Reasons to Have Swagelok® Custom Solutions Build Your Assembly


How can Swagelok Northern California offer the most value for your company? 

industrial steam system
This 20 page PDF shows the best ways to use our custom solutions team to quickly and economically solve problems, and helps get you started. Get our Custom Solutions Handbook here » 

It was not easy to limit ourselves to only ten, but here is our best effort.

10 We save you time by reducing your work load

9 Increase your labor utilization efficiency

8 We can reduce your purchasing cost, and overall costs

7 Reduce leakage and costly rework

6 Our professional engineering team is brilliant at deciphering and understanding napkin sketches

5 Cut down on your design and engineering time

4 Increase the safety and reliability of your system

3 Everything you need in a one-stop shop

2 We have deep application expertise across a wide range of industries

1 Swagelok limited lifetime warranty

Honorable mentions

Complete Swagelok Manufacturing support

Optional special cleaning and leak testing

Improve your start up and production time

We use only the highest quality components

We’ll burn the midnight oil to get the job done

We have 3D CAD capabilities to meet the unique needs of your application

Your assembly is built by people you trust - our Swagelok certified technicians

Save time by not having to source parts

Professional documentation and certification

Reduce the number of purchase orders and decrease your overall transaction costs

An Entertaining look at Swagelok Custom Solutions

For an entertaining and enlightening introduction to our Custom Solutions team, we've created a new animated video explaining how it all works. It stars a mustachioed fellow named William who runs a commercial operation here in Northern California, and who relies on a smooth-running fluid system.

Our video looks at how William used to experiment with in-house assembly solutions, and some of the problems he ran into. That includes getting stuck with wrong parts that got ordered, and scrap when the components weren't assembled right the first time.

Then you'll see how much better life gets for William once he decides to have Swagelok Northern California assemble his components from A to Z. They arrive at his door completed, tested, and put together in a high-quality fashion.

When you are done watching William,
learn more about what our Custom Solutions team can do for you.

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Swagelok Publishes Updated and Revised Tube Fitter's Manual


This major new edition now available in softcover and as a free download

Tube Fitters Manual
Request a copy of the definitive book on tube fittings written by the company that invented the tube fitting get more info »

Since its debut in 1963, the Swagelok Tube Fitter's Manual has been the industry standard. It's the result of extensive field research and laboratory studies conducted by Swagelok's research and development engineers, plus feedback we've received over the years from our customers. And the original author, Joe Callahan Jr., went on to become the president of Swagelok.

As technology has progressed, Swagelok updated the manual in the '70s, '80s and '90s. Now a new revision is being made available, both in a softcover edition and as a free internet download.

The latest edition now includes information on metallurgy, innovations in product design, advanced manufacturing processes, and selecting tube fittings for severe service requirements.

More than fittings

The Swagelok Tube Fitter’s Manual is intended to provide a quick reference to technically accurate design and installation information so the user can avoid many of the problems encountered on tubing installation projects.

While the manual is primarily about Swagelok tube fittings, it also covers important aspects of tubing, valves, troubleshooting and pressure ratings. To take just one example, a tube fitting can do its job properly only if the tubing material is softer than the fitting material. So you wouldn't want to put stainless steel tubing in a brass fitting. Tubing wall thickness, proper handling, and proper layout are all covered in the manual as well.

There's also an entire chapter on the hidden cost of leakage.

The new edition maintains the manual’s respected, iconic status as “the Tube Fitter’s Bible” while positioning it as the premier multimedia reference source on tube fittings for Swagelok customers in the 21st century. To expand on the wealth of information in the manual, we added a QR code that links to important supplemental information, such as catalogs, publications or videos. If you'd like to request a complimentary softcover version to have handy in the field, click this link.

Revised and updated

Swagelok Company has updated and revised the content five times in the past 51 years, and now the entire 321 page 6th edition is available online in PDF format. The 10 chapters (and 3 appendices) cover the Swagelok® tube fitting itself, plus tubing specification and ordering, tubing and tube fitting handling and installation, severe service, troubleshooting, special purpose fittings, testing and evaluation of tube fitting performance, pipe threads, pressure ratings, the hidden costs of leakage, valves, and more. 

As Callahan wrote in the original preface, "The well-known Swagelok two-ferrule fitting is the best tube fitting we know how to manufacture; however, proper installation and use of high quality tubing will go far to ensure leak-free connections." 

No trouble

Any complex system will have its share of challenges. The manual has a whole chapter on troubleshooting to keep frustrations to a minimum.

If the tube will not go into the fitting, for instance, there could be any of a half-dozen causes from burrs on the end to simply using the wrong size tubing. If the system leaks, there is a good chance the fitting was not installed properly. The manual explains what to look for when the leak happens after initial installation, after reassembly following maintenance, and under high temperatures.

So take some time to request a copy and read a classic. You will get a better understanding of how Swagelok tube fittings work, and how to get the best performance out of them. 


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What Customers Are Saying About Swagelok Northern California


Our survey results are in, and our follow up survey is now live

swagelok website
Our Website Enhancement Survey has been completed. Stay tuned for the results

For those of you that provided feedback on our last customer survey – Thank You. Your help on this project proved to be very helpful and insightful. We value and appreciate your time and input!

We listened to you and learned from you. Our team pored over the data, analyzing the information and reading every comment that you made.

We would like to share with you what you told us and also show you how we’re going to take action on your valuable input, so we can serve you even more effectively.

Here’s what we learned from you:

First, you showed us areas in which we excel. We are humbled by the fact that 98.73% of you said you were satisfied with Swagelok Northern California, overall (Figure 1).

Additionally, 98% of you would recommend us to your peers or other users of critical fluid system components (Figure 2). Our team is extremely proud of these statistics.


When we delved more deeply into your experiences with us, we found that nearly 98% of you believe we provide products of the highest quality. We also found out that over 96% of you indicated that it is easy to do business with Swagelok Northern California (Figure 3).

As great as those numbers are, we promise to do everything in our power to ensure we honor that sentiment by continuing to serve you at the highest level.  

In addition to providing feedback on the areas in which we excel, you also showed us where we can improve. We plan to address those issues right away. For example, 87% of you felt that we provide premium service and 81% of you said that you get the information you need instantly (Figure 3). Although most companies would celebrate these high numbers and may “rest on their laurels”, we will use this information as an impetus to improve in each of these areas.

Also, the majority (68%) of you reported that you would, in fact, utilize a “live chat” feature on our website (Figure 4).

Given that finding, we’re excited to announce that we will implement that feature as soon as possible, hopefully by the beginning of next year. We believe that this convenient tool can be used to make it even easier to get the quick technical support you need and answer other questions you may have.

Lastly, we realize that having instant access to the information you need is important to you and with an 81% score we need to improve. The “live chat” feature mentioned above will help but you also asked us to look at our website.

In order to make sure that we understand what features of the website are most important to you along with how you are currently using our site and other supplier sites, we have developed a follow up survey that focuses on your needs from our website. Your input on how we can make that tool more effective is critical.

The response to our last survey was outstanding, and we hope to get even better participation in this follow up survey. Our Website Enhancement Survey has been completed, stay tuned for the results. 

Again, we want to thank you for your valuable feedback. The data you have provided will help us to improve our service to you as we strive to “Be Your Favorite Story”. 


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Another Burst from the Past Video Features Swagelok PTFE Hose


Our video series took a quick look at our uniquely flexible PTFE hose

In this burst from the past video, we demonstrate how Swagelok is setting new standards in hose flexibility with its newer line of PTFE hoses that feature Swagelok’s unique non-metallic fiber braiding technology that gives the PTFE core greater resistance to collapsing and kinking when being bent.

Then, we install Swagelok F Series PTFE Hose into our burst chamber and ask viewers to guess When Will It Burst?

The video also includes a few tips on how to get the best performance from hose without it collapsing or kinking on the job.

Learn about Swagelok's uniquely flexible PTFE hose in this fun video and then download resources on hose selection or the Swagelok hose catalog and selection quick-look guides.

Swagelok PTFE Hose

Swagelok has four series of PTFE hoses manufactured with non-metallic fiber braiding reinforcement bonded to the PTFE core. This unique braiding technology creates a more flexible hose with greater resistance to collapsing and kinking when being bent.

Choose the one that's right for your application

Choose from Swagelok F, X, S, or W Series PTFE Hose.  

The F Series hose is a PTFE hose constructed with Swagelok's unique braiding process that bonds a nonconductive fiber braid to the smooth bore PTFE core to support the core and resist kinking. It is commonly used where flexibility, chemical compatibility, and a nonconductive braid are desired.

Swagelok F Series PTFE Hose resized 600 

The X Series hose is a PTFE hose is the F Series PTFE hose with a 304 stainless steel over-braid that protects the core from abrasion and enhances the hose's pressure rating and flexibility. It is commonly used where chemical compatibility and ultra-flexibility are desired. 

X Series PTFE Hose resized 600

The S Series PTFE hose is the X Series with a Silicone cover that provides smooth, non-contaminating, easy-to-clean surface and insulation from internal system fluid temperature extremes.  

teflon hose

The W Series PTFE hose is the S Series with an internal insulating wrap that eliminates the need for external insulation in many applications. The W Series comes standard with smooth-bore, carbon black-filled PTFE core for applications that require static dissipation, and your choice of a red, black, blue or white silicone cover. Product Test Reports for W Series Hose »

W Series PTFE Hose 

Local custom fabrication

All of these hoses are available from Swagelok Northern California custom fabricated to the lengths your system requires with a wide variety of end connections to choose from.  If one of these four hoses will not work for your application, take a look at Swagelok's sixteen other hose series to find one that will in the Swagelok Hose Catalog.  Swagelok Northern California is here to help you find the right hose for your application.  

But how does that reinforcement help the hose perform?  

Specifically, in this video, we asked viewers to guess at what pressure a half-inch Swagelok F Series PTFE hose will burst.

Watch the video to find out the working pressure and minimum burst pressure, jot down your guess, then watch the next video to find out how close you are to the correct burst pressure.

Have a little fun while you learn about Swagelok PTFE hose and how to prevent hoses from kinking.

You can watch all the latest When Will It Burst? videos starting with the contest intro video here »


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